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When it comes to learning about all things digital, it’s tricky to know where to even begin. That’s why we’ve done the searching for you.

Whether you want to get started with online courses at home, or find your local learning centre where you can get face to face support – you’ve landed in the right place.

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From video tutorials to step-by-step guides and blog posts from experts, we’ve found the best bits from the web that can teach you everything from creating an online CV to building the perfect presentation, scheduling social media posts and all that’s in between.

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Get better at digital with free, informal, face-to-face support in your local area. Whether you want to learn how to use formulas in spreadsheets, manage your emails, use online documents or sort out your social media, we’re here to help… until it clicks.

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People with good digital skills are more likely to get a promotion, earn more money or even start up their own dream business.

That’s why we’ve created Make It Click. A collection of free online learning resources, tools and templates, and face-to-face support in your local area. Helping you to learn new skills, gain confidence and take positive steps in your career.

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